Affordable. Flexible. Secure. Total Solution.

Westelcom has over 15 years of experience providing wholesale telecommunications services to Local and Regional Carriers, Wireless ISPs and Cable Companies throughout the region.  Those services have included Dedicated Internet Access, VOIP, Long Distance Services, Dark Fiber, Cloud Connectivity, Ethernet, Video Transport, Colocation, Fiber Construction, and Network Operation Center (NOC) Services.
The telecommunications landscape is constantly evolving and if you are to keep ahead of the competition, you need to keep improving the quality, scale and reach of your network services. Westelcom has the experience and will be your partner that is dedicated to driving efficiencies and growth for our wholesale telecom customers, providing a comprehensive service portfolio, a network with local connectivity and global reach, and an award-winning sales channel that understands your business.
Westelcom is focused on providing mission critical level services and is positioned to provide exceptional network performance while supporting your customers’ mission-critical applications with highly reliable, redundant and secure communications solutions.
Westelcom can provide flexible solutions to support your enterprise customers wherever they do business, not just where you happen to have a network. Westelcom will expand your network footprint providing your customers with high-bandwidth services — domestically and globally. Westelcom’s comprehensive service portfolio, local network connectivity with global reach, award-winning sales and customer support understands the specific challenges you face every day.