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Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions That Foster Digital Transformation

Westelcom’s information and communications technology provide tailored security services to support a wide range of vertical solution offerings, supporting dedicated and hybrid architectures including value-based network innovation, deployment, and network operations excellence.


Ensuring the Healthcare Industry Stays Secure and Compliant.

Westelcom has been providing mission critical telecommunications services to the health care industry for over 12 years. Today, the company serves 10 regional hospitals and over 120 health care offices throughout its service territory. Westelcom understands the needs of the health care industry and is focused on providing the highest quality service possible in order to protect its customer’s critical telecommunications infrastructure.
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Building the Foundations of Digital Transformation.

Westelcom has over 10 years of experience engineering, constructing, and deploying fiber networks to primary and secondary school systems, as well as, colleges and universities throughout our territory.  Westelcom understands that educational institutions today require secure and reliable telecommunication systems to support learning and communication objectives. With budgets tightening and aid unreliable we know educational institutions are always looking to save money.
We have vast experience providing customized solutions for the K-12 and institutions of higher learning verticals.  Our team will review what products and services you have, what you need, and where you can cut costs.  Westelcom will work with you to obtain all eligible discounts to save you money while providing you solutions designed with scalable bandwidth providing high speed while keeping information secure and accessible.
Partner with Westelcom for all your telecommunications needs and our team will customize a secure, reliable, state-of-the-art system tailored to your specifications. We will save you time and money, allowing you to focus on shaping minds rather than managing your IT infrastructure.
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Strength is in Innovative Technology Solutions.

Westelcom provides telecommunications solutions to over 20 villages, towns, cities, and counties throughout Northern New York. We are committed to assisting the government and public sector accelerate the transformation of the delivery of public services and reduce the overall agency spend. Westelcom will assist in the development of a digital solution built on our secure dedicated network that will meet your specific organizational and technology requirements. This solution will be designed to fit within your budgetary requirements, while accounting for the widest user adoption of the technology to ensure the greatest ROI. Partnering with Westelcom will afford public sector organizations greater flexibility to deliver more efficient and accessible communication and collaboration solutions that take advantage of the opportunities around cloud technologies while helping to deal with the risks involved with digital transformation of government today.
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Providing Financial Institutions the Digital Workspace to Excel In.

With its focus on mission critical network services, wide area networking capacity, and the ability to provide high levels of network security, Westelcom has established itself has a leader in providing telecommunications solutions to financial institutions throughout Northern New York. In today’s globalized economy, financial institutions are working in uncharted territory. Financial institutions are responding to a myriad of trends – be it ageing populations, new international borders or heavy compliance regulations it is now more important than ever to ensure that your customers’ data is secure and protected. It is paramount your institution communicates rapidly and reports effectively while maintaining the strictest compliance and securest environment.
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Adapt, Innovate and Increase Efficiency.

Westelcom has become the number one choice for telecommunications services for non-profits throughout Northern New York. The company works with non-profits to creatively provide affordable high quality services. Moreover, Westelcom sponsors many non-profit programs throughout the communities that we serve and Westelcom employees are the first to volunteer and participate in non-profit events. Westelcom’s selection of voice, data, and phone systems are designed especially for the nonprofit market will help introduce you to new customers and communicate effectively with existing customers. All products and services are backed by Westelcom’s superior customer support and delivered over our powerful redundant and secure fiber network.
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Small Business

No Matter the Size Increased Productivity and Efficiency is within Reach.

The small business landscape has changed enormously in recent years. Globalization and the ways in which consumers purchase goods and services has created new challenges, as well as, enormous potential for your small business to reach new customers. Now is the time to boost productivity and efficiency for your employees while providing a more synced-up customer experience. Cloud technology and Westelcom’s dedicated secure network can improve margins with a huge reduction in the infrastructure and maintenance costs of legacy systems. Westelcom is here to provide the telecommunication platform that will keep your organization running smoothly, allowing you to focus on the more important projects to drive your business forward.

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Providing Communication Solutions to Connect on a Whole New Level.

Westelcom has over 15 years of experience providing wholesale telecommunications solutions to local and regional carriers, wireless ISPs and cable companies throughout Northern New York. Westelcom’s solutions make it easy to do business and stay ahead of the competition, even in the highly transactional world of enterprise and residential services. Supply your customers with cost-effective access solutions and reliable long-haul capacity. Provide access to next-generation voice services, secure reliable connectivity and more. Carrier services also include Dedicated Internet Access, VOIP, Long Distance Services, Dark Fiber, Cloud Connectivity, Ethernet, Video Transport, Colocation, Fiber Construction, and Network Operation Center (NOC) Services.
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