March 20, 2018

Telephone Features

Voice Mail: Allows a caller to leave a voice message if you are unavailable to take the call.  Click here for instructions

Caller ID, Number only: Displays the number of an incoming call.

Caller ID, Name & Number: Displays both the name and the number

Call Waiting: During an existing call, it alerts you that there is a second incoming call and it allows you to switch between the calls. To end an existing call and answer a waiting call, hang up, then allow the telephone to ring and answer it. To hold and existing call and answer the second call, press the flash key or press and release the receiver button on your phone.

Call Waiting w/Caller ID: Displays the name and number of a second incoming call.

Call Forwarding Variable: Allows you to forward calls to any number. You cannot use call forwarding if you have Voice Mail. To enable call forwarding, dial *72 and then dial the number where you want the call forwarded to; wait for a confirmation tone. To disable call forwarding, dial *73.
Call Forwarding Busy: Allows calls to be forwarded to a fixed number if your line is busy. To enable the call forward busy feature, dial *90 from your subscribed phone and then dial the number to where you would like the call forwarded during a busy condition. To disable the call forward busy feature, dial *91.

Delayed Call Forwarding: This service forwards calls if there is no reply within a specified delay period (30 seconds default). To enable this feature dial *92 and then enter the number where the call should be forwarded; wait for a confirmation tone. To disable this feature dial *93.

Selective Call Forwarding: This service allows you to specify up to 10 numbers that you wish to have forwarded to another telephone number. To enable this service dial *63. An announcement will prompt you to setup the calls to be forwarded. To disable this service dial *83.

Remote Access Call Forwarding: Allows you to setup Call Forwarding Features from a remote phone. Dial 518-825-2105, once you hear a second dial tone, dial your subscribed ten digit phone number. You will be prompted for your PIN. Follow the prompts to setup remote call forwarding.

Call Transfer: Allows you to transfer a call to another number. Press the flash button or hook switch on the telephone during an active call and then dial the number of the second party. Once the second party answers, simply hang up.

Busy Redial: Redials a busy number for up to 30 minutes and rings you back when the call is connected. To enable busy redial, call the number you wish to reach, if it’s busy, press *66 and hang up.

Call Return: Allows you to place a call to the number of the last call that was received. To use this feature, pick up the phone receiver, wait for dial tone and dial *69.

Caller ID Block: Blocks your number on outgoing calls. To activate this feature dial *67 and then place the call.

Caller ID Presentation: If you have Caller ID Block permanently enabled for every call, this feature allows you to disable it on a per call basis. Some subscribers block incoming calls that do not have Caller ID. To temporarily disable Caller ID Block, dial *82 and then the number you wish to call.