The Virtual Phone System For Business

How Westelcom and MaX UC Apps help you 

Work Anywhere. From Any Device.

Use the MaX UC apps for business calls – keep your work and personal life separate

Experience the flexibility and freedom to work anywhere on any device

View your call history and follow up quickly and easily on missed calls

Read voicemail transcriptions to save time and stay connected

What are the MaX UC Apps?   

We know you are busy and don’t have time to be tied to an office. By using the MaX UC desktop or mobile apps you can access your business phone system from anywhere.

The MaX UC  Mobile app allows you to place business calls completely separate from your personal number all on one phone.

With the MaX UC Desktop app any internet connection can be used to make and receive VOIP calls, view voicemails, and see your call history so you can respond to your customers more efficiently.

Do you need assistance with your MaX UC Mobile or Desktop app?  Contact us at 1.866.482.5425 or via email at 

Still need to upgrade to the latest MaX UC apps? Check out the video tutorial in the sidebar now!

*These MaX UC apps require you have services with Westelcom. Contact us today to get started.