March 20, 2018

Voice Mail Instructions

Voice Mail: Allows a caller to leave a voice message if you are unavailable to take the call.

Accessing Voice Mail:
If this is the first time that you are accessing Voice Mail, the system will prompt you to setup your mailbox, PIN, and greeting. To access Voice Mail from your subscribed phone, dial *86 and enter your PIN code when prompted. To access Voice Mail from another phone, dial 518-825-0009 and enter your full 10 digit phone number, then press the # key. Next enter your PIN code when prompted followed by the # key.

The Main Voice Mail Menu Options are listed below:

  • Play inbox messages, press 1
  • Send Messages to another telephone, press 2.
  • Change your personal greeting, press 3.
  • Adjust Mailbox Settings, press 4.
  • Access deleted messages, press 6.
  • Logon as another user, press 7.
  • Help, press 0.
  • Exit, press *.


The Main Voice Mail Message Playback Options are listed below:

  • Skip Message, press 9.
  • Reply to Message, press 4.
  • Delete Message, press 3.
  • Mark as New, press 2.
  • Send a Copy, press 5.
  • Repeat Message, press 1.
  • Pause and Resume, press 8.
  • Back to Main Menu, press *.
  • Next Message, press #.