March 20, 2018

Upgraded SpamBox


New Login Page

Not everyone checks their quarantined spambox. If you are one that utilizes our Spam Filter Service, the new service will be called Westelcom iSpamX. You may have bookmarked the Postini SpamBox URL that we are doing away with (that URL was The new URL will be:

Click on the email icon and from there you can check either your Email or your SpamBox.

Your username/password will be the same as your current email credentials.

Establishing Authorized Emails

You will have the opportunity to establish Whitelist/Blacklist domains in the new interface. You can tag a domain to be automatically marked as Spam or you can mark a specific domain as authorized to pass through to your email.

If you are one of the users who take advantage of this feature, you will need to re-create those lists within the new iSpamX interface. If you’d like help on using this feature in the future, please contact us. It’s an included feature, available to de-clutter your inbox. We recommend this feature.

How to Login:

Note that the username field requires that the entire email address be entered (i.e. = correct, johndoe = incorrect).

Once logged into the Spam Filter, you will be able to set your Whitelist/Blacklist (approved senders/blocked senders), review your daily spam report, and view your quarantine of blocked messages.

Please note that any Whitelist or Blacklist entries will need to be re-added to the new filtering account, after the transition has taken place. Also, any accounts that will require administrative access over their domain’s Spam Filtering service, will need to request this access through our support network.


The new interface will be effective November 26 and email flow will not be interrupted during this process, however if any problems do occur, please direct all communication to our support network at 1.866.327.8832 . You may notice an increase in Spam until you’ve made the suggested changes above.