March 20, 2018


FRAUD ALERT!                                                                                       

Toll fraud scams are on the rise and hundreds of thousands of dollars in toll fraud can occur in just days or hours.   Any unsecure phone system/PBX is vulnerable to toll fraud via phone system hacking.  Hackers exploit weaknesses in the company’s PBX system by figuring out voicemail pins and/or passwords and placing International calls over the lines associated.  This derives income for the hacker, while you are left with the bill.

As a business at risk, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the potential security breaches associated with maintaining a phone system. Your business is ultimately responsible for maintaining the security of your phone system and thus the results of long distance or international traffic/charges in the event of hacking that occur from a system not properly secured.

We suggest following this checklist to help protect your system:

  • Best and easiest option, if possible, request that International Calling be blocked by your long distance company.
  • Immediately contact your PBX/Phone System vendor to password protect your system.
  • Do not use default password for voicemail pins/passwords.
  • Change voicemail pins/passwords frequently.
  • Do not utilize call forwarding from voice mail ports.
  • Cancel unused voicemail boxes.
  • Make sure the location of your PBX admin access is not in a common area and secured.
  • Regularly review your call records.
  • Shred directories or anything in which someone could get access to your pin numbers.
  • Restrict after hours calling capability.
  • Always contact your PBX/system vendor of suspicious activity.


We are available to support you through this process or direct you to the proper vendor that can.    Contact us or take any action possible to avoid having to deal with this in the future.


The Westelcom Support Team