Capturing Ideas and Enabling Innovation

Westelcom has built and currently host services and fiber networks for video transport to several media providers throughout Northern New York.  We understand that media organizations are at a crossroads. Pressure from amateur content online and changes in consumption patterns are forcing companies to find new ways of differentiating themselves.
To remain competitive established organizations must retain loyal customers with cutting edge offerings. As media companies continue to merge and consolidate, there is a real need to avoid disruption and uncertainty. Customers expect smooth online experiences, so disjointed processes will ruin this experience and damage your reputation.  The possibilities for reaching new audiences in inventive ways are greater than ever before, which highlights the need for a sustainable secure IT infrastructure from Westelcom.
Every media organization is different. Every team is different. Westelcom can custom design a platform that truly embraces digital transformation. Innovate from within and stay ahead of the competition.