Helping the Manufacturing Industry Realize Their Potential

Westelcom serves multiple manufacturing firms today and has built ringed fiber networks in the business industrial parks throughout the regions of New York state we serve.  Often, manufacturing firms required interconnectivity with regional offices and Westelcom has the capacity and engineering experience to support regional and national wide area networks.  Through Westelcom’s carrier neutral colocation facilities and partnerships, Westelcom can interconnect your business to carriers with national and global footprints.
Westelcom realizes that in the manufacturing industry controlling supply and demand is more complex than ever.  Costs continue to increase amidst further pressure to maintain or even reduce margins.  Add to this a demand for innovation through research and design, resulting in the greater need to protect a company’s intellectual property. Now more than ever, technology is crucial for streamlining manufacturing and distribution business processes, collaborating across geographies and communicating with suppliers.
Whether you need quick access to project sites or warehouse stock information, Westelcom enables you to tap into the wider knowledge of your organization, breaking down traditional working silos, to share information and ideas faster with enhanced security features to ensure your data is protected, your teams productive and operating most efficiently.