May 24, 2017


WESTELCOM is in the process of making an exciting infrastructure upgrade that impacts your phone lines. This change will enhance the reliability of your services and provide you with technological options and features that will far outweigh what is available to you today.

Starting March 26th  we will begin phasing our customers onto our new telephone switching platform.  (You will receive a call prior to your conversion.) During this cutover, you may not be able to make or receive phone calls. This interruption of service will be minimal. If you have alarm lines attached to a Westelcom phone line, they too will be affected by this scheduled outage, please notify your alarm vendor to avoid any security concerns.

If you use our Voice Mail Services. You can continue to access any old messages by dialing 518-825-2100 or *86. However, you will need to record a new personal greeting on our new system, an automated message will default until you replace it. That can be done by dialing *86 or this new access number of 825-0009. To repeat, the new voicemail access number is 825-0009. A complete manual of instructions is located on the website or by clicking here.

We are available for any questions at 518-825-2255, press option 1.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide you with Westelcom services.