March 20, 2018


Data centers provides a specialist facility, power, cooling, network connectivity, security and staffing.

Our Colocation facility enables our clients to avoid downtime and loss of critical, irreplaceable business information.  With scalable rackspace that sit within a secure and environmentally controlled facility, colocation  can be used as a cost reduction IT strategy.  Use as a primary or disaster recovery solution to ease the burden on your IT resources and share space and bandwidth to fit the cost of colocation into your budget.

The facility is Carrier Neutral with resilient and robust connections to multiple regional and national providers, thus allowing for competitive and diverse backhaul options.


77% of respondents found failed tapes while testing their back-up system. (Source Storage Magazine.)


  • Outage Protection
  • Business Continuity
  • IT cost reduction strategy
  • Massive bandwidth availability
  • Steady connectivity with redundant generator backing
  • Environmentally controlled with consistent humidity and temp control
  • Flexible Power Arrangements
  • Video and fire monitored
  • Fully Diverse Fiber Optic Based Facility
  • Budget Sensitive Pricing
  • Cloud and Hosted Offerings
  • Direct access to multiple Email, Web and Fiber Optic Internet providers

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