Carrier Grade. Diverse.  Guaranteed. Total Solution.

Westelcom provides mission critical Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) services via a diverse local and regional fiber backbone.  Routing is done via redundant switching and routing platforms.  Westelcom’s network is classified as a carrier grade network with diverse connectivity, redundant hardware, card sparing, and intrusive network monitoring and alarming.   Westelcom follows strict maintenance procedures in non-operational windows and provides a minimum 24-hour maintenance notification to mission critical customers.  The network is integrated with statewide fiber networks interconnecting with multiple telecommunications carriers.
With Westelcom’s Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) the specified amount of bandwidth sold has been carved out and dedicated for your organization’s use. Westelcom Dedicated Internet Access doesn’t just provide “best effort” service and oversubscribe the bandwidth sold compared to the bandwidth available. Businesses can’t afford slowdowns, sporadic service and the costs of lost productivity.
Westelcom’s Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) Service for Businesses performs consistently day in and day out, and has guaranteed minimums and uptime. DIA service is sold as a rated speed, not an up to speed.  Dedicated internet access is like having your own personal lane on the Information Superhighway as opposed to sharing the same traffic lanes as everyone else. Everyone knows that at certain times of the day traffic becomes congested. Even express lanes, like “business class” offers, aren’t always a sure thing.
But, when your business has a personal, dedicated lane from Westelcom you will be traveling at exactly the speed you were guaranteed.