Hosted Phone System (HPBX)

While competing providers will provide Hosted Phone services over the public internet; Westelcom provides a private dedicated fiber connection ensuring higher levels of privacy and quality of service (QOS) on each Hosted Phone deployment.  This quality of service puts Westelcom a step above the competition and insures your business will not endure the latency or jitter, common on many shared data/voice connections.  Westelcom’s Hosted Phone System will help your employees maintain momentum and make important decisions, while in or out of the office.
If your employees spend large portions of their work days with colleagues, visiting customers, working at home or traveling, Westelcom’s Hosted Phone is your choice for an integral part of a wider communication capability allowing essential contact and work productively while on the move.Westelcom’s Hosted Phone platform is designed to provide a greater long term ROI while providing lower upfront costs. The platform is highly versatile offering robust reporting and statistics, ease of multiple location integration, conference bridge and auto attendant features. Westelcom’s Hosted Phone platform will also avail your business greater productivity with Find and Follow, voicemail to email, call recording, a web portal and smartphone app.

IP Voice Services (VOIP)

Westelcom’s IP Voice Services (VOIP) are designed to deliver high-quality IP Voice services (VOIP) on a reliable, scalable network.  IP Voice Services (VOIP) are delivered via geographically diverse Class V soft switches.  The switches sit on a fiber ring with diverse connectivity and mirrored switching.  If connectivity fails to one switch, the connection automatically transfers to the other switching location.
Westelcom can provide a full menu of PBX features via our IP Voice Services (VOIP) depending on our customer’s needs. Our network is designed to deliver high-quality service on a reliable, scalable network that can easily accommodate your needs, now and in the years ahead. Westelcom’s IP Voice Services (VOIP) is high quality and low cost providing a broad portfolio of services at competitive rates.