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Westelcom offers a Business Class Ethernet that is the superior choice for symmetrical business-class bandwidth up to 1 Gbps and beyond. Westelcom’s Business Ethernet is easier, faster, and less expensive to scale than a T1 line and usually will use your existing equipment. Westelcom’s fully redundant network will provide a more resilient service ensuring that if one loop fails the remaining circuits will continue to function.
Westelcom’s Business Class Ethernet service will provide a secure, reliable, high-performance backbone to help your company manage data growth, drive application performance and securely connect across your various geographic locations. Westelcom’s Business Class Ethernet service will allow you to customize your business connectivity to keep your data flowing everywhere it needs to go. It will enable greater productivity through low latency connections across locations while eliminating the high cost of private lines. Our various bandwidth options allow for quick and easy upgrades.
Westelcom’s Business Class Ethernet service utilizes dedicated, private connections allowing you to maintain control of your routing to achieve the highest level of security for your traffic backed by Westelcom’s robust end-to-end performance service level agreements for latency, jitter and packet loss.