March 20, 2018

About Us

Having been in business since 1905, Chazy Westport Communications continues to offer friendly service, state of the art technology, and competitive prices while keeping community spirit and involvement first in mind.

Gerald R. Forcier purchased the Westport, Essex & Lewis Telephone Co. in 1952. In 1959, the Chazy Telephone Co. was purchased, and came to be known as the Chazy & Westport Telephone Corp.

The first dial offices in the North Country were installed in West Chazy and Chazy in 1941 and the Westport region installed theirs in 1958. In 1972, the company started offering touch-tone service and direct distance dialing without operator assistance.

WESTELCOM was formed in 1981 to provide customers in our area with the communication needs of our growing environment, including phone and voice mail systems.  It was also a big year for Chazy Westport Telephone as the first Digital Office in the North Country was installed in Chazy and West Chazy.

In 1984 Westport’s Digital Office was installed.  Now Chazy Westport Communications was the first telephone company with more than one fully digital central office in New York State.  This was so important because it provided customers with all the advanced digital features of the computerized telecommunications industry.

More updates were necessary in 1993 as both Chazy and Westport Central Office’s were updated to accept modern and future technologies such as the SS7 and CLASS features like Caller ID.

Next, the Chazy and Westport offices installed the first high speed video conferencing system in the North Country in 1994.

Westelcom was next to make progress as it began to offer direct Internet Access to the North Country.  The following year, Westelcom purchased Mr. Computer, a retail computer business and called it Westelcom Computer.

With the year 2000 came Chazy Westport Long Distance and DSL Service; two major innovations implemented to keep the community level with the growing Telecommunications industry.  Chazy Westport Telephone offers Long Distance Service and High Speed Internet Access, two major innovations implemented to keep the community level with the growing Telecommunications industry.

Soon after in 2001 Westelcom Networks was formed to provide Telephone service operations throughout Essex, Clinton, Franklin, St Lawrence, Lewis and Jefferson counties.

Next Westelcom acquired Gisco and NorthNet, two competing Internet Service Providers in the North Country in 2002.   This acquisition made the company the North Country’s largest local Internet Provider, with over 30,000 customers.  Westelcom’s local facilities voice and data launch in Watertown was the first for the area.  One LOCAL carrier for voice services; able to react and respond to the local community needs.

The same year, Chazy Westport Communications DSL was made available to 100% of our territory.  We are still one of the few communications companies that have High Speed Internet available to every telephone customer.

In 2004, Westelcom shifted marketing strategy to serving businesses in the North Country.  This was when the company constructed its first Fiber Optic Ring in Watertown; launching metro Ethernet services.

More essential equipment was required and in 2005 the Lucent Soft switch was installed for the 315 area and in 2007 an Alcatel-Lucent Feature Server 5000 VOIP platform.

In 2007, the company completed the Fiber Optic Ring connectivity between Chazy, Plattsburgh and Westport, NY.

Keeping with demand, Westelcom began deploying Fiber Optic Technology to businesses in Watertown and Plattsburgh in 2008.

The following year, Chazy Westport continued the Fiber network throughout the communities of Chazy, West Chazy, and Westport.  Westelcom adds to its services by designing a Fiber network in Elizabethtown, NY to reach the Elizabethtown Community Hospital.

2010 was a year of growing the companies Fiber service area and in 2011 Chazy Westport Telephone territory begins to deploy Fiber to the home.  The companies territory is now largely Fiber Based.  The following year the company expands their Internet speed offering to support high bandwidth technologies including HD IPTV Streaming.

Also in 2012, Westelcom partnered with ACTION to construct Fiber to the regions Telemedicine sites. This included building Fiber from Westport to Ticonderoga, NY and commencing construction to medical institutions in Malone and Clayton, NY.

2013 & 2014: Construction and network growth continues with fiber networks deployed in Clayton and Malone NY. The company undertook a major IP voice switch conversion, streamlining internal efficiencies while offering the latest in IP Voice and HPBX technologies.