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Everett, WA – Teo, a Westelcom Unified Communications (UC) platform solution, recently announced the completion of its “Royale Project”, a major upgrade on the platform, completing a full refresh of user and administrator interfaces. 

The original Teo UC interfaces were built on legacy technologies, with limited support for mobile devices and modern browser features. While fully featured and capable, it was built with specific targets for where and when it would be used. While Teo had built and deployed HTML5 based interfaces starting in 2020, all versions prior to Royale still included a full version of the legacy portal as well. The expectations and requirements of users have changed since the original Teo UC interface was designed in 2009. While Teo was building new portals to provide better support for mobile, enhanced features, and more performant interfaces, the need to support the legacy portal at the same time constrained what they could offer and support.  

The Royale upgrade (Version 5.60) is the first UC release without any legacy interfaces, allowing for enhanced performance, accessibility, and capabilities. System configuration features, including time settings, email notifications, and security settings are now managed independently from one another, allowing for easier changes that are less likely to be service impacting. New features include a SIP interface making it easier to manage independent SIP trunk configurations.  Time, security, and notification settings can now be managed independent of the network configuration with a new dedicated screen for managing users not associated with an extension. 

“While this update provides improvements for all users of Teo UC systems, the features in this update will be especially impactful for partners and customers using our on-premises solutions. ” states Garrett Allen, Director of Product for Teo UC.

Westelcom will be holding weekly Teo UC training sessions for partners to learn more about the platform and become subject matter experts when selling it. 

Please contact Deirdre MacNerland with any questions or to be added to the weekly training sessions.

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